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Rapid clearance

A Qualifications

Convenient customs clearance

Financing shortcut

Letter of credit /L/C

Flexible funds, easy to do foreign trade

One stop foreign trade

Online trading/financing/clearance/Logistics

Foreign exchange/tax refund/letter

Exclusive customer service

One on one customer service

Full tracking service for you


General export service

  • One-stop export(Customs clearance/Foreign exchange/Tax reimbursement)
  • Free export agent
  • 3 working days in advance refund arrival
  • The real-time settlement, the day of arrival

The export service

  • Learn some buyer credit, security order
  • One-stop export(Customs clearance/Foreign exchange/Tax reimbursement)
  • Letter cover insurance, security payment
  • Quick apply for 80% of the corporation financing models

The l/c export services

  • Professional careful card, put an end to trap soft terms and l/c
  • One-stop export(Customs clearance/Foreign exchange/Tax reimbursement)
  • 100% discount can be applied for l/c payment
  • The l/c pack can raise 30% payment in advance

Import agent service

  • Import clearance/Commodity inspection/Tax/transport/remittance
  • Can access/usance l/c at sight
  • General cargo import ports
  • Shenzhen import food, such as special goods

How do we begin to cooperation?

  • 01Regester
    Platform, platform with your login account;
  • 02agreement
    And the tripartite agreement signed confidentiality agreement;
  • 03Service
    Choose main business or special services, according to the business services;
  • 04Submit Order
    Online to fill out the form and submit to the platform;
  • 05Order tracking
    Generate orders, allocated merchandiser, feedback to the customer business to deal with progress;
  • 06Order Settlement
    Order settlement, end of the process, feedback.

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